© Annette Collin Vingeflet

The Shield Maiden & the Viking 

Step-by-step guide
for modern Viking braids & make-up 

Skjoldmøen og Vikingen af Annette Collin


Again, I have travelled a thousand years back in time to the country of legends to get my inspiration for modern Viking braids.
This book gives you a step-by-step guide to great braids and buns, both for women and men, girls and boys – and as something brand new, you’ll also get tips and ideas on how to braid your beard and apply a warriour make-up suitable for battle! The make-up is based on beautiful ancient Nordic symbols and Viking runes.

The guide will also show you how to braid your own ribbons on whipcording bobbins with natural plant dyed yarn – a technique used in the Viking era. At the same time, you have a styling guide with copies of Viking Bling.
I have, among other things, taken inspiration from working at Viking markets around Denmark and in the Nordic countries. And of course from the TV series Vikings, which I love, and also from books, museums and Viking communities on for example Instagram. In the last chapter you can read about some Oldnorse Authentic beards, make-up and hairdos.

My braiding and make-up guides are not historical copies. They are all based on the beautiful traditions of our Viking ancestral, but also with inspiration from the way we do our hair and put on make-up today. This way, I hope that our proud traditions can live on.

The braids for girls require either shoulder-long hair or long ringlets, which go all the way down to the middle of the back. For boys, it’s good for the hair at least to go down to the ear.
But everyone can have a go at laying make-up fit for Viking warriors or beautiful Oldnorse symbols for the shield maiden.

Have fun!