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Annette Collin

My philosophy

We all have natural beauty and personality in our hair - my passion is learning people how to show it by braiding it

Annette Collin

The hair gives us all a great opportunity to show our natural beauty, it's unique, our very own and a natural part of our personality that we can play with and change the look of, depending on which side of ourselves we want to show.

Throughout our old Nordic culture, both women and men have braided their hair in endless many creative and artful ways. Braiding the hair is a costless and natural way to show the beauty of your self. Braiding hair is a craftmanship that everyone can and should learn to celebrate both our own cultural heritage and beauty.

The creativity and freedom of braiding brings us in touch with ourselves. Braiding is almost a meditative and spiritual experience of ourselves and the braid a physical manifestation of our beauty.

When you share your time together braiding each others hair, learning and teaching each other– it is a wonderful experience”

I have studied old Nordic hair finds, the techniques, newly interpreted and combined them with my professionalism and creativity and explained the braids step by step. So the ancient craft lives on in a contemporary edition. I have worked both as a hairdresser and hair & makeup artist for 30 years and published a book about natural beauty and make-up. In October 2016, my first braid book about "Viking Braids" was published with step-by-step guide for a beautiful and modern Viking look. The book has now become a series and the latest release, "Viking Braids 2" with new braiding techniques and also a Viking makeup guide. My braids and makeup guides are not all historical copies. They are all made based on the beautiful traditions of our Viking ancestors, but also with inspiration from the way we put our hair and put on makeup today. In this way, I hope our proud traditions can live on and be interpreted with the creativity of our own time.


Keep on braiding!