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Viking Braids - the book



Viking Braids is a step-by-step guide to modern Viking braiding techniques. The target group is kids, teenagers, and young women and men. I got my inspiration
and the idea to this book after seeing the TV series Vikings. But I also saw the tendency in time, as more and more young people want to go back in time to become reborn
nature lovers and even look like vikings – our ancestors here in Scandinavia! The Vikings cultivated the land and made their own clothing out of natural materials. As everyone else, they were vain of their appearance. Findings include combs of hartshorn, bone and horn and hairpins of silver and bronze. Some of these objects are beautifully decorated and were often stored in a special box. The women’s hair was usually long, and the long hair was gathered in a bun or braided at the nape of the neck. I have closely studied women’s braided hair in its many varied hairstyles in the TV series Vikings.
The male vikings both had short hair and long hair. They could be clean-shaven or bearded in many different styles.

Viking Braids is my own creative and professional interpretation as a trained and experienced hairdresser of viking looks with braiding and is no attempt to copy the historical interpretation of the viking hairstyles once upon a time. My ideas of viking styles are based on films and books which I have mixed with modern trends: hairstyling techniques with braids, twists, and curls.

It is so easy to start braiding, twisting and turning your hair, but some of the more difficult braiding techniques may require a little help from family or friends. Viking braiding involves different degrees of difficulty: easy, medium, and difficult – and you only need few paraphernalia.

I am happy to be your inspiration and to guide you through this book. You can choose to follow my step-by-step guide, or you can choose steps from different hairstyles and combine them as you wish. The only limit is the one you set for yourself!

Keep on braiding :)





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