© Annette Collin Vingeflet

Step-by-step guide ”Snake braid"

Step 1
Take a lock of hair from the side and start braiding a French braid;

Divide the lock into 3 equal strands.

Cross the left strand of hair over the middle and then cross the right strand over the middle.

Then add additional hair from the sides every time you cross over the middle.

When the braid has reached the length at the top of the ear continue braiding a regular strand braid until the end of the lock.

Step 2
Hold tight on to the braid.

Step 3
Hold lock 1 and 2 between your left hands index finger and thumb while you hold lock 3 between your right-hand index finger and thumb.

Step 4
Hold your left-hand fingers tightly around the middle of the lock and pull the wright lock.

Step 5
Push lock 1 and 2 upwards with your left hand fingers until you reach the top of the braid.

Step 6
Pull lock 1 and 2 gently downwards until you can see the Snake Braid pattern.

Step 7
Secure with a small latex elastic

Step 8
Make additional Snake braids on both sides until you are pleased with your new Viking Braids.

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