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"Snake Braid" Step-by-step


Learn how to braid a genuine "Snake braid"


The Snake braid is an easy beginner braid, everybody can learn how to braid it – and it only takes 15 minutes to braid a Snake braid.
See the step-by-step guide and try it out…

Learn how to braid the beautiful French braid with an easy step-by-step guide

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Viking Braids






The books that will teach you absolutely everything about how to braid the modern Viking braids


For a beautiful and modern Viking look

The book "Viking Braids" is written for everyone who would like to have a true modern Viking braid, whether you are beginner or practiced. Annette Collin guides you step by step and shares her tips and tricks so you can create your very own Viking look. The book contains 21 different braids among others; "Freja's dream braid", "The Viking Queen's braid", "The Viking chief's braid and twists" and much more.

Read more about the book here

"The Shield Maiden & the Viking" New book

Annette Collin is back with a new book of modern Viking braids – this time including a guide to new hairdos and warrior make-up for both the Shield Maiden and the Viking.

You will find step-by-step guides to the most amazing braids and buns for both women and men, boys and girls.

You will also find braided Viking beards – and a whole new feature: a guide with copies of authentic ”Viking Bling” and great warrior make-up for the Shield Maiden and the Viking to have fun with.

"Vikingebling" guiden viser dig tips til smukt tilbehør til beklædningen, for eksempel: Skålspænder, brocher og smykke vedhæng.

Read more about the book here


Get your hair braided as a genuine Viking at the events down below.

SWEDEN I Vikingaliv - Workshop and braiding events 4 & 5 Januar 

DENMARK I "Heroes and shape changers" Ballerup Library-11/1 kl. 11-13

DENMARK I Kongernes Jelling - d.15/2 & d.16/2 

GERMANY  I  Haithabu "Spring market" 10/4, 11/4, 12/4 & 13/4

DENMARK  I Trelleborg Viking Festival 11/7-19/7

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